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THIS IS WHY I DO KETO, IT IS A THERAPEUTIC INTEGRATED PREVENTION FOR COLON CANCER Age 53, Pre-menopausal, with a colon disease, serious GUT inflammation, which is affecting my thyroid and metabolism, not to mention my high levels of adrenal fatigue. Always having to be disciplined to what I can eat, otherwise, my stomach swells […]

Sewing & fashion business 101

Firstly, you would need to know want to you want to offer as a product or service or both? Have crystal clear clarity on want you want to do as a fashion boss entrepreneur, and put out there in the world of fashion. YOUR IMMEDIATE SKILLS: There are so many things you could do and […]


5 STEPS TO DISCOVER YOUR TRUE FASHION PERSONALITY STYLE When you purchase clothing in the store, you might ask yourself, that some of these styles are really not you, but, that is what you are presented with so you end up buying what is on the rails and what the shops are offering, and leaving […]


START WITH SCRATCHING YOUR OWN ITCH Most entrepreneurs start with a product or service that they themselves have been looking for or need, finding their own solution to their problems, which in turn would be serving many others in the same situation. My fashion journey started at the age of 8, making babies clothes for […]


Has the thought crossed your mind more than once to start your own fashion business startup? Becoming an entrepreneur is a wonderful journey on its own, being capable of making your own income, being in control of your time and developing your career, taking intuitive and steps of action turning your dreams into reality, step […]

You look stunning, what’s​ the secret!

The secret is to have your clothes tailored The retail clothing shops design and manufacture for the masses, not for individual styling or personal customise measurements, and yet the majority of women are not one size fits all. This sadly leads to so many women out there that are badly dressed, wearing clothes that do […]

Confidence from inside & out

Confidence is something that you develop over time. Self-confidence and self-belief go hand in hand when you believe in yourself, you boost your levels of self-confidence. When you have all that inner negative thought processes in your mind, they will knock your self-confidence levels hard, spiralling downwards. How to change this: spend time doing the […]


MATERIALS YOU WILL NEED: FABRIC – STRETCH KNIT TYPE FABRICS /KNITS or lace 1.5M BY 1.5M SCISSOR YOUR MIRROR TO CHECK THE LENGTH YOU WANT YOUR SHAWL TO BE IN FRONT AND AT BACK INSTRUCTIONS: Visual pictures in slide show. Fold the fabric in half, the selvedge edges together then fold over the one cutting […]

3 Hour: Re-organise, Re-style, Re-vitalise, Your Style

Usually after seasonal changes, we still have a mixture of clothing combining in our current wardrobe, including clothing that we seldom wear, along with styles that no longer suit our body shapes, our lifestyles or items, “what was I thinking when I bought them?” Perhaps, it is a new season in your life and you […]

3x reasons to start sewing your own clothes

You so excited to try on new styles of clothes to add to your style and image, which we all know is an investment to boost your self-confidence. “But, no”! Instead you leave the mall frustrated with either nothing new or with styles you are not thrilled about but there was nothing else that really […]