Your image & style is more than just fashion

Style tip: Your image & style is more than just fashion

Your image is a combination of many things: From your personal grooming, keeping your hair clean, with regular trimming the points of your hair to having a new hairstyle, not being stuck with the same hairstyle you have worn for the past 10 to 30 years, it is about investing time and research on what suits you, now, adapting to times that are changing while your own body and perceptions of life evolves with you, not staying in comfort zones, this will affect your wardrobe styling and career. Don’t stagnate.

Your image is also about how you take care of your mind, what you are reading, what you talk about and you show interest in, this is all an extension of you. What you are portraying to the world, shows by the way you carry yourself, how you dress, how well you are groomed and what you talk about.

Your image is also about your wellness, what you eat, whether you make time to exercise, it is about taking care of yourself, this is a trait of self-discipline, self-pride. These traits or flaws will immediately show in your image.


Style is authentic to you, not just in your fashion, it reflects in your home, your decor, your foods, how you entertain, how you act and behave.




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