Fashion style hot Friday

Under usual situations you would be looking for to the weekend, planning an outfit to wear to a function, event or time out with friends, wanting to look your best, making an effort in your outfit. 

Let’s pretend! Now, back to your outfit, select the colour, it is always extremely flattering to go all one colour, monochromatic, including your accessories, handbag & shoes to be the same tones & hues as your outfit. If, you don’t want to go all one colour, ‘easy peasy’, select a colour that you get the most compliments when wearing it. Want to go safe? Then wear all black. But, colour has an energy it uplifts your mood. Or go with the classic denim jacket: Buy from Woolworths or Guess.


WHY NOT HAVE YOUR OUTFITS MADE FOR YOU. Or learn to sew your own style???


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